Inspired by basic geometric shapes and stunning bold colors, I seeks to combine these elements into beautiful pieces with a geometric flare. To start off, raw brass or copper is initially cut, cleaned, and hammered before the patina process and finishing steps can be done. All fabrication is done in my home studio in RVA. 


Through a lot of experimenting, I have developed my own patina recipes that produce beautiful, unique colors using natural methods. All of my patina pieces are made in my studio in small batches, by hand and made to order. The most thrilling part of of the natural patina process is that no two pieces are the same - color and intensity will vary. Each piece is unique and shades will vary within a patina. A verdigris patina could produce colors from a turquoise to sea foam green depending on many factors such as temperature and humidity. 



Once a piece has gone through the patina process and is set, the patina is sealed in with an eco-friendly lacquer. This ensures that the patina color will remain unchanged and will not flake or rub off. Brass jewelry is polished and waxed to ensure continued shine. 


Unfinished brass jewelry will naturally darken/patina over time and this process is accelerated with the less frequent wear. To brighten brass jewelry, use a polishing cloth or gently rub with natural lemon juice mixed with water. Avoid prolonged exposure to water and store in a dry place. 

With sealed patina jewelry, clean by washing gently with warm water. Avoid rubbing vigorously and contact with sharp objects in order to ensure continued protection of the patina sealant.