Jenny is a traveling artist and designer based out of the East Coast. Her jewelry is small-batch handmade and due to the patina process each piece is absolutely unique! Her work focuses on simple geometric designs and organic colors, inspired by her love of the outdoors and adventure. All materials are all selected consciously, supporting the environment and community.

Wild Helix is dedicated to developing an eco-conscious jewelry brand that produces designs inspired by the natural world and shares real messages about the current climate crisis. For 2019 we are donating 10% of our profits to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a non-profit focused on clean energy, combating pollution, and restoring ecosystems.



As an avid rock climber, Jenny has explored remote places around the world. These experiences have shaped her passion for preserving and protecting the natural world. Jewelry has since become the perfect outlet to combine her passion for creativity, adventure, and beauty while being on the move.